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South Australian Vine Improvement Association, is a not for profit organisation established to provide support and leadership to regional vine improvement groups whom provide high health status planting material for Australia’s future vineyards. A key role of the association is developing and maintaining a diverse national germplasm of certified varieties, clones and rootstocks essential to producing the best available planting material to meet industry demand. The South Australian Vine Improvement Association is governed by its constitution and a management committee made up of regional group members with common objectives on standards, promotion and wine industry collaboration for the long term benefit of its stakeholders and customers.


2024 Adelaide Hills - Press Release

The Adelaide Hills Vine Improvement committee is pleased to announce that Garry Manhire has been appointed as Operations Manager to replace Louise Christian. He started on the 18th April and launched straight into planning for the coming cutting season.

Garry has previously held wide-ranging employment roles within the Riverland wine region.  Over almost 2 decades, he won admiration among the community, as a skilled Grower Liaison Officer for both The Wine Group and Pernod Ricard Winemakers.  Owning and managing a vineyard as well as employment as a Sales Agronomist with Elders has added to Garry’s broad knowledge of viticulture. His diverse experience within the wine and viticulture industry enables him to manage the operations of AHVII and its obligations regarding certification of propagation material efficiently.

Garry will be living in Mount Barker and will be working from his home office as well as the Henschke Lenswood Vineyard office. His contact details are:

Mobile number – 0417 852 165

Email address –

We are pleased to welcome Garry into the role and wish him the best in providing the propagation industry with high quality propagation material for the wine sector, particularly to the cooler regions where vineyard plantings are growing rapidly.





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